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LDInstruction is is a Java-program partly based on LDInspector to generate instructions for LDraw models.
It is discussed in a thread at the LDraw Forum.

Special thanks to Philippe, Willy, Roland, Magnus and Johann for so many helpful suggestions and patient explanations.

You will need Java (version >=8) to run, it should successfully start on Linux, Windows and MacOS.
You may try the latest unstable build snapshot or the latest official version 0.3 of 2021-12-30.

Please create a file named LDInspector.ldi if you did not use LDInspector before. It should contain one line for each LDraw part source like in

0 !LDINSP PART_SOURCE [type=Directory] [origin=ofc] [dest=/path/to/ldraw/]
0 !LDINSP PART_SOURCE [type=ZIP] [origin=uno] [dest=/path/to/ldraw/Unofficial/]
where type may be Directory or ZIP and the origin may be ofc for official or uno for unofficial parts. Start the GUI via console command

java -cp ldinstr.jar ldinsp.guisw.InstructionHelper

java -jar ldinstr.jar
or you can generate an odg file directly via console command

java -cp ldinstr.jar ldinsp.instr.BuildInstructions YOUR_MPD_FILE.mpd [OUTPUT.odg]
The output of a small model like 603 can be found here, a slightly modified version of the same model is rendered on a single page. Maybe you want to have a bill of material (BOM), so you may use some added commands as example.

Official versions:

Version 0.3 of 2021-12-30 change list:
  • Added instruction commands, available are: text, break and BOM.
  • Redesigned text handling, updated pli/inline box layout.
  • Fixed center of model step center in some corner cases.

Version 0.2 of 2021-12-19 change list:
  • Added part replace option tg/replace for pli parts.
  • Added container split option step/split for top-down and separate container box layout.
  • Fixed major bug if page is overfull.

Version 0.1 of 2021-12-16: first official version.

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