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LDInspector is a Java-program to inspect LDraw models and parts, mainly the ones available at the Official Model Repository or before you submit your model there.
It is discussed in a thread at the LDraw Forum. Some more information you can find at the LDraw Wiki including some howtos and use-case-explanation.

You will need Java (version >=11 for LDInsp0.1-0.6, >=17 starting with LDInsp0.7) and JavaFX (version >= 11 for LDInsp0.1-0.6, >=17 starting with LDInscp 0.7) to run, it is reported to successfully start on Linux, Windows and MacOS.
You may try the latest unstable build snapshot (version) or the latest official version 0.8 of 2023-12-17.
If you don't like fighting against the Java module system invented in version 9, you may also give the installer a try (at the moment, Linux and Windows are supported).
Attention: due to Java module system and internal refactoring, the installer and starter is changed (up to version 0.5 you will need the old installer). This will download Java and JavaFX to the directory where the installer is started, and it will also create a start-script taking care of paths, modules and so on.
Update 2022-03-15: the previously used download tool in the Windows installer stopped agreeing to download the JavaFX package, so it was replaced by another one for the current installer.
Update 2022-09-28: now using version 17 in the installer for all OS versions as there are some glitches with GPU usage in version 11/13.

Special thanks to Philippe, Willy, Roland, Magnus and Johann for so many helpful suggestions and patient explanation of OMR rules and LDraw format.
If you like LDraw, mpd-files and the Official Model Repository, please also consider looking at MPDCenter written by Michael Heidemann. MPDCenter is discussed here.

The preferred way to send me messages is through the corresponding thread, but you may also write a mail to ldraw at fam-frenz dot de.

Version 0.8 of 2023-12-17 change list:
  • Updated license strings.
  • Fixed license line number detection.

Version 0.7 of 2022-09-28 change list:
  • Collision test now multi-threaded (at your option).
  • Update to Java17 and JavaFX17.

Version 0.6 of 2022-01-19 change list:
  • Added coplanar triangle collision test.
  • Internal refactoring. This requires some attention: start class is now
    If you did not install this version with the new installer and everything is working fine with version 0.5, please adopt your start script.

Version 0.5 of 2021-09-24 change list:
  • Added "Export clipboard to file" function.
  • Added Color-Overwrite and Color-Filter options to Render pane.
  • Fixed BrickLink-xml part list export and added directory to config file.
  • Added more informative logs for unsupported items.

Version 0.4 of 2020-10-02 change list:
  • Removed non-constructive features.
  • Fixed several OMR header checks.

Version 0.3 of 2020-05-06 change list:
  • Re-implemented file-save, now only on demand.
  • Added part/color replacement on Edit pane.
  • Beautified GUI and OMR compliance check reports.
  • Updated main toolbar (now re-ordered and colored).
  • Fixed filename checks for names with path.
  • Fixed file extension and file type check.
  • Added dispensable meta check.
  • Automatic web cache dismiss after error.
  • Added part preview to Web pane.
  • Optimized Rebrickable / Bricklink part replacement.
  • Now rating moved parts as "warning" instead of "error".
  • Now accepting non-spec-conforming files with meta before description.

Version 0.2 of 2020-04-01 change list:
  • Doing repeated-checks after name-change.
  • Added option to embed unofficial/all used parts.
  • Added clipboard functions to Edit pane.
  • Added direct links to online help and version-check.
  • Added direct links to source on Web pane.

Version 0.1 of 2020-03-13: first official version.

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